Will your brainy side shine or will your feet carry you to victory in this unique race?

Where: Downtown Manhattan Kansas
When: Saturday, April 29 at 9:30 am

Support the Kansas Science Festival by running or walking a 2.5-mile course from downtown Manhattan around City Park and back. While this is a timed event, it’s not just about covering the distance the fastest – participants will have to complete science puzzles along the way in an amazing race to the finish! This family-friendly challenge can be completed solo or in teams. Teams will need to stick together and cross the finish line as one, but can work on puzzles together.  All finishers will receive a unique medal. Teams can be all adults or a combination of youth and adults, and can be up to 6 individuals. Special prizes will be awarded for the fastest finishers, most creative costumes, and more!

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The Dopamine Dash is a fun event that will test your physical and mental endurance. Your first goal will be to race from the starting line to the stations throughout the course, where we will challenge your Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) knowledge. It’s up to you to navigate through the various challenges that await you while balancing that ticking clock at the finish line. You’ll need to be quick on your feet and think on your toes if you want to stay ahead of the pack. 

You’ll need to use your problem-solving skills to decipher clues and solve puzzles. This race is designed with multiple age levels in mind. However, some challenge puzzles are geared towards older runners. Each challenge will require you to use a different skillset, so be prepared to adapt quickly and use the strengths of the different members of your team to work efficiently. Teams will need to stay together to complete each challenge before moving on to the next one. Individuals may have a speed advantage due to their ability to nimbly dash between stations, but will have to complete the puzzles and challenges at each station by relying on only their own brain. Solving each station will give you a clue that you need to finish the race. In the ultimate test of your endurance and determination, you will use those clues to solve for the mystery word needed to cross the finish line.

So, are you ready to take on the Dopamine Dash? Whether you’re an experienced runner or just looking for a fun challenge, this race is sure to test your limits and leave you feeling exhilarated. Gather your team and get ready for an amazing race to the finish line!

Prizes and Swag

Each participant will receive a reusable sports bottle, and a medal for completing the challenges and crossing the finish line. Prizes will be awarded for fastest finishers in each category, for most creative costumes, and more! Anyone can also purchase an official race t-shirt to share their achievement with the world. To receive your shirt by race day, you must place your order by April 9th. Later orders will receive their shirts after April 29th.