iNaturalist Resources

Getting Started

Creating an account

First, you’ll need to create an iNaturalist account. This can be done on the mobile app or on the website (

Creating a project

  1. To create a project, you’ll need to login via the website. Follow this link ( and click “Get Started” under Collection Project (not umbrella project!).

  1. Name your project. It can be something like “Kansas Science Fest Manhattan High School 2022”

  2. You can choose a project icon and banner photo if you’d like! You can also choose your school’s main color, too (click on the green to change it).

  1. Observation Requirements

The only thing you’ll need to add here are your students accounts under “Include users”. To do this, you’ll need to add the usernames of each student in your class participating. This can be edited anytime to add or remove students.

  1. Scroll down until you see “Data quality” and check the box that says “Casual” (all 3 boxes here should be checked). Media Type and Establishment Means should be left as “Any”.

  1. Date observed

Select “Range” and enter 2022-04-20 as the start date and 2022-04-30 as the end date. 


  1. Final step! Add user “rynaturalist” (that’s me!) as a project admin. This way, if you need help editing the project or making sure things are right I can help you out more easily. 

That’s it! Hit ‘Done’ when you’re finished (you can always go back later and make changes as needed).


If you did everything correctly, any observation your students make during the competition will be automatically added to the project with no further effort needed on your part! Sit back and watch what your students find!


Once your project is created and I am added as an admin, I will know which is your project to add to the official competition project. This allows you to compare your school to other schools competeting as well as see what organisms other students are finding.